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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI Agent) Associate Dean once said “It just dispelled all of the bad things I’d ever heard about the FBI… that the FBI was sneaky and out to get people.” The career of the FBI agent is a remarkable and exciting career, because of the endless possibility of helping the world get better in any kind of way . The research will describe the career of Federal Bureau of Investigation , what is required to become a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent a successful career and the impact this career has on has on society. The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs an agent to act as the lead investigators in the United States. The responsibility of an FBI is to guard the United States from Terrorists and Foreign …show more content…

Anyone that wants to become an Federal bureau Investigator agent needs experience with law enforcement before joining the FBI production. An FBI needs to permit with at least one of the following to be able to get employment: Language, Law , Accounting, Computer Science Information, or Diversified. Depending on what you qualify for candidates are examined on critical skills. To be a federal Bureau Investigator Agent you need to be at least 23 to 36 years old. An FBI needs a college degree and most of them choose to get a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. They need three years of Professional working experience. They also need to be a United States citizen. An FBI also needs a United States driver license. In order for an FBI agent to do the duties they have to be physically fit and active. There’s no sex requirements it can be male or female. Selected applicants have to attend a 20 week training program FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Agents receive classroom and web-based instructions in subject, including law, investigative practices, forensics, behavioral sciences, and ethics. While in training , they test their knowledge , ideas, and they also give them mock-investigation where they will interview suspects, find evidence, and provide testimony in court. New Agents will also receive training with …show more content…

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