Personal Narrative: A Career As A Pathfinder

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The Army has been at war since September 11th, 2001. I learned a very harsh and cold lesson in the fall of 2003. The vast majority of the civilian populace in the countries in which we operate are good people. Unfortunately we find ourselves in situations where good people must die. It is an unfortunate recourse of warfare. Introduction I am currently an Anti-Armor Platoon Sergeant in Dealer Company 1-506th Infantry Regiment “CURRAHEE”. I joined the Army in August of 2001, and have served this great nation for almost 14 years in a wide assortment duty positions. I began my career in 2nd Infantry Division Long Range Surveillance Detachment as a Scout Observer. My next duty assignment was the 101st Pathfinder Company, 6-101 Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). I served six years in the Pathfinder Company progressing from a Specialist Pathfinder to a Staff Sergeant Pathfinder Team Leader; serving on three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In the winter of 2009 I left the Pathfinder Company and was selected to become a Pathfinder Instructor at the Sabulauski Air assault School at Ft. Campbell, KY. I taught Pathfinder School for two years; becoming one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I departed Ft. Campbell in February of 2011 and moved my family to Schofield …show more content…

Rules of Engagement (ROE) exist for a reason. It is to protect human life. The Rules of Engagement were applied properly in this scenario and though the outcome was not preferable it was exactly what had to happen. Duke was justified in his engagement. However, there were severe civil consequences to what happened. We might have been justified and within our ROE, yet the local populace’s image of the shooting was most assuredly negative toward the US Military. We also potentially made insurgents out of his surviving wife and

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