Personal Statement: My Expectations Of Becoming An Army Warrant Officer

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My transition to becoming a warrant officer, is something I feel I have put off for too long. I am excited and curious about my new role and the expectations inherent with my role. My 12 years of service serve as a primer for the assignments and education to come. This paper will cover why I want to become a military officer, what my expectations of me as a military officer are, and how I will finish my military career as an Army Warrant Officer. Since my early days of grade school my ambition was never to become a uniformed professional serving our great nation. After 9/11, something changed in me giving me the desire and ability to serve my family in ways they couldn’t. Once I became a Soldier, I did not know for how long and to what extent I would serve. Over the last 12 years I realized the Army was the best choice I made in life, and for the last five years I have had random thoughts about how long the Army will let me serve and to what extent. With more than a decade of service in the active duty Army I want to expand upon my entrusted leadership role as an NCO to become a warrant officer. I will utilize my professional knowledge and experience to guide my leadership as a technical subject matter expert, I have the network, experiences, and foundation …show more content…

As an officer, I will represent the nation and its people with honor and dignity while serving abroad. As an officer, I must support and defend the Constitution of the United States as the oath of office states. I will hold the highest of standards even when faced with those who have none. I will not digress from my professional standards while a candidate through the end of my military career. The Army is best to place such great responsibility and authority in myself for I will never

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