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Being on time is one of the most common things you can find in any policy that is out there, whether it is for a job, school, and even the military. Being on time is one of the simplest of things that you can do to show that you have discipline, respect, and responsibility. This can also be one of the key factors that can hinder you from you reaching your goals, and completing any task that you need to complete. Missions and operations have many moving and connecting pieces that function together as a whole depending on a time sensitive plan. Being on time is probably the most common requirement in anything that you will do in life. Doing this shows that you have discipline, and a sense of responsibility. In the military being on time is one of the main things you learn in your first few months of training. It is one of the big factors that plays into accountability and plans rely on you being on time and ready to complete the mission at hand. As soldiers, we hold ourselves to a high standard of discipline and respect that we must upkeep. Being on time is one of those that we must uphold at all times. Being late has a much greater impact than just you. It can have an effect on you, your teammates, co-workers, and even leaders. By not being on time it can show that you don’t have …show more content…

No manager or leader out there is going to promote someone that is late, no matter how good they are at their job. In their eyes, it shows them that you don’t care about what you do and you have no respect for others. Over time being late respectively can also cause you to lose your job and can even get you kicked out of the military. Then when you go to apply for another job, and in your interview the new boss see’s that you were fired for being late. He’s not going to want hire someone who has no simple discipline of being on time. So being on time can save you from a life time of headache and can help get you to your goals in

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