Personal Narrative: My Experience At Ridgewood High School

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Throughout my experience in Ridgewood High School, I got a chance to show my leadership skills. Showing it by helping others and be responsible. To be in a leadership position encouraged me to show who I am as a student, and help me to build myself by learning from others. To improve my communication and leadership skills, I join Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), Choices and International Club. The clubs provide many opportunities including meeting new students, learn from others, and exploring things. I become a better communicator through presentations, speeches, and conversations in these experiences. The clubs help me to learn how to manage my time and to be connected to students and even the world. In addition, during my senior year, the International Club elected me as their President. As President, I became more adept at thinking, helping, and working which helped grow my leadership skills. I like the ideas how International Club makes students united from different countries. Also, this club provides many community service opportunities, it helps me to volunteer to make thanksgiving cards for Central Baptism. Also, it helps me to be responsible when I have to sell some things …show more content…

It was an awesome experience, I help students to learn how to speak and write Arabic. This experience is a challenging because the students were first grade and I try to be creative to make them like the class especially because Arabic language is hard. Based on my experience, I believe if the student likes the class, he/she will do great on it. For me, it is amazing to teach someone and help him/her understand the world. Also, I volunteer to help my neighbor as a babysitter. As a babysitter, I tried to be responsible, be careful, and watch out for the two girl baby. Especially, I heard a lot of stories that small things could make the kid in danger so I tried hard to be

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