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BLOG, I can 't imagine those days about to come of sheer agitation during college. I 'm feeling pretty overwhelmed, right now. Yes, yes, I 've started my internship at Macy 's, although I still haven 't done much and that is because the person with whom I am going to work with is on vacations until this upcoming Thursday. So, I 'm giving the best input that I 've able to put into this job. On Monday, my first day, I was sent on a scavenger hunt around the store, attempting to answer a bunch of questions such as, "How long did it took to film Miracle on 34th Street? Or How many letters are on the Macy 's bag on the 34th Street Herald Sq.?" Trivial, unimportant questions of that sort. I persistently try to tell myself, "Quit, quit, quit." …show more content…

I think I 'll end up in Europe or Canada, or Argentina, but not here; not New York. The other book is Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. The time I read To Kill a Mockingbird was one of the most life-changing moments for me, as I heard to Tears for Fears 's music hits. The music and the book were the perfect combination, and I 'm questing for one more of those moments. It may be delusional, since To Kill a Mockingbird was the improved draft of Go Set a Watchman, but I 've per-ordered on Amazon already. To that result would be that if I can read these two (If This Be Treason: Translation and Its Dyscontents, A Memoir and Go Set a Watchman) then I will persuade reading A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. Let 's remain chattering about books. I 've completed The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and I must say that her life really draws my attention. The way she lived and wrote this novel based on her own story, quasi-autobiographical, is jaw-dropping. I mean I had not read such an unsettling book, since The Lost Weekend, another self-destruct character. Reading these characters is difficult to understand them entirely and as a reader you care for them and try to comprehend what 's wrong? Why are they in the

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