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The book I’ve chosen is called Impossible and is written by Nancy Werlin. She is the author of many other books such as The Killer’s Cousin, And Then There Were Four, and The Rules of Survival. I haven’t read any of her other works. The book is a fiction book, this book is mostly directed towards teens and young adults. Normally I do read fiction books and I find this genre of books quite interesting. The characters in this book are Lucy (main character), Sarah, Zach, Gray, Miranda, Leo, and Soledad.
My favorite character of the book is Lucy Scarborough, because her character overcomes many tasks, and she shows her strength and compassion throughout the story. The author unfolds the story by starting from the beginning of Lucy’s fate. Miranda Lucy’s biological mother fell into insanity when Lucy was born due to a curse that runs through Lucy’s family that only her and her foster parents know about. The curse was put on the Scarborough women long ago and was documented in a letter as well as a diary of Lucy’s mothers. In order to break the curse the girl affected must go through and complete three impossible tasks before their first born daughter is born, or they’ll fall into a rabbit hole of insanity.
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I can’t even tell you how much. I’d kill for you. I’d die for you. I’d be happy forever if you’d only smiled at me- although, come to think of it, I wish you’d kiss me. I want to hold you; I want you to hold me. You are so gorgeous I could hardly believe it. You make me laugh; you make me cry. Nothing matters but you. Nothing matters but you. Nothing matters but you.”- Zach. “When you first fall in love, it is supposed to be awful. Awful, uncertain, scary, wonderful, confusing, all at once. That’s how you know it’s real. You have to care deeply. Passionately. That hurts.”-

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