Personal Narrative: Your Grandma Has Cancer

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“Your grandma has cancer,” These four words were very difficult to swallow at a young age. Dealing with death so young can be very confusing and difficult to cope with. Not only is losing a family member tragic, but losing a family member who you cared so much about can really take a toll on your life. I know it took a toll on me when I lost my grandmother. It still does till this day.
Growing up with my grandma, there was never a day where I didn’t feel loved by her. When I would be over at her house, she always made sure I wasn’t hungry, and when I was, she went out of her way to cook for me. If we were out in the streets together, she would always ask me what I wanted to eat and got me exactly that. There was not a birthday I had, that she didn’t get me a present or a birthday card. Every valentines, she would give me a box of chocolates. Even on Easter, I would wake up to my own little Easter egg hunt in my house. Inside the eggs was either money or candy. My mom told me when my grandma first found out I was a girl. The next day, she gifted my mom with a big basket full of girl clothes since I was the first girl after 3 boys my mom had. Three years later, my little …show more content…

I was only a freshman when I began to notice my mother was taking my grandma to doctor’s appointments repeatedly. I honestly thought it was because she was elderly. But never in a million years did I think my own grandma would be diagnosed with cancer. I was only 14 when I found out the news. At that age, when I heard of the word cancer, I automatically thought of the word death. They told me she had a cancer that was called Multiple Myleoma, which would weaken her bones. But what devastated me even more was that she was already on stage 3 of her cancer. I did not want to believe the news. I just couldn’t accept it. I kept thinking “No, this can’t be happening to my grandma. She can’t have cancer. She looks perfectly normal.” I was in complete

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