Personal Narrative: Monica Stanger

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Out of seven billion people in the world. 333.1 million in the USA, 5.52 million in Minnesota, and 938 people in Watkins, Minnesota only one person could have changed my life like my grandma did. Monica Stanger was born on May 5th, 1943 third child of 15 kids. At this time in her life she had no clue what she would have grown up to be. She became a caring loving woman who influences everything I have and will every do. On December 5th, 2011 a woman who loved me so much passed away, leaving me with a mountain to climb of depression and a event that would change everything that I knew and loved. When I was a young girl my grandma was my person, my rock, my everything, every time their was a problem I would go to her a she would help me through it. She really helped me when I was six and my parents informed me that they were going to get a divorced, at that age I didn’t understand why I thought that everything was great in our family. During this time my grandma took care of me greatly and made sure I was loved and cared for. I can remember every part of when she died. The last time I saw her was at the hospital when I walked into the room to see her I knew in my own way that she was ready to go; this did not mean I …show more content…

I have taken multiple action to make sure I try to live on her legacy. She was a nurse for many years, so to honor this I am going to medical school to become a doctor and help everyone that I can the way she would want me to. Also I am becoming a NAR to help people who are in pain just the way she was in the end of her life. I try to live my everyday in a way that would make her proud even though she was taken from this earth to soon doesn’t mean I can’t try to carry her influence through the world. A woman like my grandma is a once in a lifetime person. Even though she was in my life for a very short time I could never ask for anything more. She is my influence for everything thing that I do and will every do. Her past is what influences my

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