At David's Grave Poem Analysis

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The short “At David’s Grave,” by Denise Levertov talks about a deceased loved one that is with them while being at the cemetery. David is around them in the “open field, in sunlight, among the few trees,” (Levertov). He is only there because they are there with him, and whenever they leave he is with them, going with them as the good things that come. To live their lives with happiness and the joy that comes with living life each day. They know that he is never alone at the cemetery, never laying in the field filled with cold graves. Therefore the setting of this short poem takes place in a cemetery. The situation in this story is the lost of a person that means very much to someone. With the death of David the people in this poem believe that he is still apart of their daily lives. They believe that even with the lost of David, they are never alone while visiting his grave. The poem also shows us that they believe once they have left his grave he is not alone.
When the couple visit David’s grave they feel as if he is everywhere in that cemetery Believing that he is the …show more content…

In less than 6 months I lost one set of my grandparents, losing my grandmother from a long, hard and painful battle against lung cancer. Then her husband passing away less than 6 months later from multiple health problems. Death is a long, complicated and hurtful thing to deal with but just like the people in the poem they found comfort in the small things. After my grandmother died, my family kept seeing butterflies, my grandmother loved being outside and loved butterflies. So these small things made us feel like my grandmother was still around, even though you have lost someone there are many things that can remind you of them. The small things like visiting their grave or seeing an object can bring back memories of a lost loved

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