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A star was born on August third, 1994, and her name was Esther Grace Earl. Her close family members include: Lori Earl, who was her mother, Wayne Earl, who was her father, her sisters, Evangeline and Abby, her brothers, Graham and Abraham. Esther was born in Beverly Massachusetts; but they didn 't just stay there they moved from Saudi Arabia, France, Massachusetts. Life was pretty normal she was a good student, she respected her friends, family, but most importantly she respected herself. Everything was average just like it was yesterday and the day before, the sun came up people went to work. But age 12, on November 26, Esther heard the words no one ever wants to hear…..” you have cancer.” Esther was diagnosed with the third most common type …show more content…

Sometimes she was upset because she believed she wasn’t doing much to help others. I believe that she did do enough to help because even now, when she is not alive she still is inspiring everyone everywhere. During her final months, Esther became an internet celebrity. Esther died in 2010 surrounded by her friends and family. It broke everyone heart to lose someone they love. John Green decided to dedicate a book to Esther and make it similar, but not identical to Esther 's life story. That book would later turn into a movie,become a bestselling book,and inspire people.The book is one of the most common books people think of when you say John Green… The Fault In Our Stars. Although Esther unfortunately didn’t survive into her adult years, she still had an impact on adults. Following her death, Esther inspired communities to participate in Harry Potter alliance. Esther day ( August 3) is celebrated for love for friends and family. My favorite quote that i think everyone can live by was said by Esther Grace Earl “ Just be happy, and if you can’t be happy do things that make you happy, or do nothing with the people who make you happy” Esther inspired so many people and she only lived 16 years! I really hope i can inspire someone the way Esther

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