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There were social, economic, and cultural influences on Elizabeth Bathory which affected her lifetime achievements. Elizabeth Bathory is known from being apart of the Bathory family and for being a serial killer. Though the precise number of victims is undetermined, the Guinness World Records has her labeled as The Most Prolific Female Murderer. Bathory and four others were accused of torturing and killing young woman between 1585 and 1610.The stories of her killings were approved by over 300 witnesses. This makes her the most notable woman in history for serial killing.
Elizabeth Bathory was a widely known lady before her murders since her family once sat as royalty. Although, her economic status was very high, she was a fit and active child. …show more content…

From the marriage, she became the lady of the Castle of Csejthe which was located in Transylvania, now known as Romania. The Castle was a very boring place for a teenager to sit every day with nothing to do while her husband was out pursuing his career.She set about finding novel amusements to pass the time.
Elizabeth Bathory became a person of peculiar and sinister arts. This led her to the interest of witches, wizards, sorcerers, and several other things. All of these practiced

Palmisano 2 depraved deeds in league with the Devil. Elizabeth Bathory's husband was on a high hierarchy in the 16th century war. He invented a claw-like object that fastens to a stout whip and would tear a human to an obscene degree. (Pallarely, Richard)
Elizabeth Bathory's aunt knew about her unusual interest for such things, and introduced Elizabeth Bathory to flagellation. Elizabeth took Slav debtors to her dungeon, and used her husbands silver claws to murder them. Elizabeth Bathory found satisfaction in their shrilling screams.
Elizabeth Bathory's husband passed away in 1604 due to stab wounds, …show more content…

One day, she had a vicious behavior and struck the servant girl. The struck was hard enough to draw blood, and some landed on Elizabeth's skin. The next day, Elizabeth looked at the area where the blood once laid, and she had a theory it made her skin look new again. Elizabeth went to a doctor, and for their amusement they gave her the benefit of the doubt.She then consulted another doctor by the name Katrina, who told her the conspiracy of bathing in a virgins blood does bring healthier skin. This gave Elizabeth many plans, and much hope. In 1609, Elizabeth established a school in the castle for young girls whose parents wished for better education and be taught appropriate social graces. By the time the word reached the community after Elizabeth's actions had been identified, over 600 girls had vanished. Elizabeth
Bathory refused to admit to anything. Later, Elizabeth was sentenced to a life locked away in her castle. She died four years later. (Bathory)

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