How Does John Proctor Lie In The Crucible

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The play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, is a story that takes place in Salem during the time when witches were real. The story of these people accusing each other of witchcraft to cover up their own story of attempting witchcraft which leads to innocent people being hanged for something they are not. Those people would rather die than to lie about confessing they have been with the Devil, because only cowards lie and the brave keep to the truth till the end.
John Proctor’s wife Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft by Abigail. Because John rejected
Abigail she wanted to get rid of Elizabeth so she could have John to herself. The evidence of
Elizabeth having a doll proves she is a witch, so of course she goes to court but John proctor
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Abigail is lying because she is cared of the punishment she’ll have to face for one, dancing

Mahaffey2 in the woods and attempting witchcraft, and two, for lying to the court and everyone else and to
God while Mary Warren and John are still holding on to the truth.
John also confessed he “committed the crime of lechery” (Miller 194) and that he knew
Abigail “for a harlot” so now Abigail also carries the sin of harlotry along with witchcraft and lying. Abigail refused to confess and even threatened to “leave” and to “not come back again”(Miller 192) . John tells the court that Elizabeth will testify to his confessions about being a lecher and so they call her in for questioning. However when asked if it was true Elizabeth denied it to protect her husband’s name but instead caused him to be the liar and without knowing, helps Abigail’s case. John Proctor made a risk when he confessed his and Abigail’s crime of adultery and trusted Elizabeth to testify for him but to protect her husband’s fate she lied but instead it only made matters
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