John Proctor's Lies In The Crucible

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Does your word mean anything to you? Does what you stand for as a person mean anything even when someone tries to take it away from you? A word John Proctor lived by, integrity, which stands for honest and moral. The religious background adds to more for their moral compass so they will go to heaven and not be sinful. The author of this play Therefore, to die for the truth is better than to live a lie.

Some may view the death as unuseful when they may live to rebut that they aren’t apart of witchcraft. Hale tries to convince Elizabeth to tell John to live, “... that throws his life away for pride” (4, 358). Although John signing would mean there is witchcraft so all the deaths would’ve been justified to the village. Parris confirms how valuable Proctor’s name is, “It is a weighty name; it will strike the village that Proctor confess” (4, 659). Proctor’s name can convince the village witchcraft is there, but only if he signs. The …show more content…

Proctor even told them he is not something to be used to help them, “you will not use me” (4, 699). Proctor will not allow the town to use his name to save themselves for killing all the innocent people before him. Proctor even pleads with them, “I have given you my soul; leave me my name” (4, 730). Proctor is saying how the integrity he has is only left in his name since his soul has been sinned.

Another support is how John died for a reason. John has a moment when he tries to justify him dying, “tears pleasure them! Show honor now, show a stony heart, and sink them with it” (4,751). He's saying don't let their opinions change who you are as a person. Also, by giving them a cold heart it's like giving them a cold shoulder so they have to deal with what they've done, but they can't get you to join it to.

To give your honor for life may seem great but what about everything you're dying for? The best way to go is the hardest to

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