The Crucible John Proctor Sacrifice Analysis

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Would you ever sacrifice your life for your family? In this book, the main characters John Proctor and Abigail play a huge part in this play. Sacrifice is a part of life that a lot of people will experience throughout their lifetime, but think about it. Could you, your own self sacrifice your own life for your family sake? Abigail was the cause of everything that is happening in Salem, from the witch trials beginning to the killing of innocent people, but it wasn’t only her who had accused people. Abigail was a flapper as they called it back in the days, and she began to cause all of this dramatic non-sence because she wanted John Proctor. “You have taught me goodness John Proctor, therefore you are good.”, Abigail was crazy in love with …show more content…

The outcome of that wasn’t expected though, but who would want their family to suffer throughout the rest of your life because of a problem like the one Abigail caused? You can’t blame Abigail only because Proctor was apart of it, he led himself into getting with her; it works both ways. Abigail had went overboard with the lying, and the acting throughout the witch trials, and she didn’t realize that until after the bird scene. When Abigail realized what she was doing, she didn’t face her problems, she ran away because she already knew what was going to happen to her, she was dumbfounded.
John Proctor wasn’t a bad person, but he wasn’t good either, he just made bad choices. In life, you have to realize that no matter what you go through, just tell the truth and don’t lie, the consequences might be bad, but you have to be truthful with yourself. Sacrifice is a huge thing in life, and not a lot of people realize that. For example, your parents sacrifice so much time to do things for you in your life, and I realized that a lot. They take time off of work to go to my activities, to watch me play basketball, they always go out of their way to get the things they needed, and it’s a

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