The Wife Of Bath Feminist Essay

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In the fourteen century, men were always the superior, head of the household, the breadwinner, but women were always inferior, they would stay at home, do the house work, cook, and never would have a job. Well, times have changed. Women are reaching an equal status to men in political, social and economic matters It’s part of the idea called Feminism. In many ways the Wife of Bath displays many characteristic of women in the 21st century. Instead of being directed by men, she views herself as an independent person. Throughout her introduction of the tale, and the story itself, we see the Wife of Bath as an experienced, intellectual woman, who despite living in a world of patriarchal power, provides for herself financially, emotionally, and physically. As a feminist icon, she confronts serious social issues that illustrate the subjugation women faced. During her prologue and her tale, it is very clear that the Wife of Bath is proud and not ashamed of her sexuality. She views sex as a good ideal, and argues it, using references from the Bible, that God’s intentions …show more content…

During the Middle Ages, hitting, raping, and in some cases killing was condoned, and wasn’t a crime. Throughout the Wife of Bath’s prologue, we see examples of one of her various husbands assaulting her. Especially with John, we see he had “Beaten me [Wife of Bath] in every bone” (272), “He [Johnny] struck me [Wife of Bath] still can ache along my row of ribs” (272) and “Smote me on the head” (279). But when Johnny hit her, causing her to be deaf in one ear, she refused to remain submissive any longer and she hit him back: “I up at once and Smote him on the cheek” (280). Her actions, though seemingly benign in this modern time, was far more significant then. So, despite not leaving John due to her limited options, that action, displayed her opposition to her husband’s

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