Wife Of Bath Analysis

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A story that reflects a timeless issue of equality, morals, and lesson on what women really desire. The Wife of Bath by Geoffrey Chaucer is a story in The Canterbury Tales that expresses multiple moral lessons and an exciting dialogue that provides an entertaining story. The two stories that will be examined today are the “Pardoners Tale” and “The Wife of Bath”, after much evaluation I believe that “The Wife of Bath” is the better story. This is the better story because it’s more entertaining and also has more morals with better quality. The first reason that I thought The Wife of Bath was a more entertaining and interesting story. In the story the knight comes across a strange occurrence, “As he rode home in a dejected mood suddenly, at the …show more content…

The Wife of Bath states, “You have two choices; which one will you try? To have me old and ugly till I die, but still a loyal, and humble wife that never will displease you all her life, or would you rather I were young and pretty and chance your arm what happens in a city where friends will visit you because of me, yes, and in other places too, maybe. Which would you rather have? The choice is all your own” (395-403). Also in the story the part where the knight commits the crime that propels the rest of the story, “He saw a maiden walking all forlorn ahead of him, alone as she was born. And of that spite maiden, spite of all she said. By force he took her maidenhead” (61- 64). In the first quote the knight learns a valuable lesson that when finding a woman to wife and love, you must evaluate her on how she will treat you and love you. It doesn 't matter how pretty she is because then it is more likely she will be entertained by some other man and be disloyal. In the next quote the knight eventually learns that he is not judged on his title or name. This is because knights are normally known to be worthy and appointed. But he is judged on his good doings and how they impact

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