What Were Accused In Late 1600's Women

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Accused and Betrayed Throughout the late 1600’s women had been accused of being a part of witchcraft. In this time women went through many disgusting torture treatments and got charged with many different things. When a women had been accused she would be “treated” with many different types of torture until they had died or had admitted to doing witchcraft. Some of the tortures were called: “The Garotte”,” Dunking the Witch”, and “The Boots”. When a witch had to be tortured with “The Garotte”, a long wooden pole with either string or metal attached to it. This went around the victim 's neck and fastened them to the pole. A metal spike or knife on the pole was hit into the back of their neck. This broke their neck, causing a slow and painful death. Another was “Dunking the Witch”, this was considered a way to find out if the accused was really a witch. Their right thumb was tied to their left toe. The victim was then thrown into a pond or lake. If they floated, it "proved" that they were a Witch, because they must have used the magic to float. If the victim drowned, it meant they were innocent. Finally,” The boots” were two planks of wood, which were bound together by cords. Between the planks, they placed wedges covered in metal spikes. The planks were hit with a …show more content…

Two of the main women were: Tituba and Sarah Good. Tituba was the first witch to confess in Salem. She had apologized for hurting the people she had hurt and went on further to say that she did not mean any harm. She also told the prosecutors about the rest of the witches. One being, Sarah Good. Because the fact that she told the truth, Tituba did not have to go to trial and ended up being a big help with catching the rest of the witches. The other witch was Sarah Good. She had been accused by 7 people. One of those 7 was her own daughter, Dorcas Good. Sarah was arrested on March 23th and executed on July 19th.

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