Prior To The Salem Witch Trail 1692

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Prior to the Salem witch trail 1692. It was a pandemonium year for Salem. A shorten harvest, outbreak of small pox and Indians renew attack on the frontier. The king of England also revoked colony’s charter. The Salem Witch Trials began in 1692. Three girls accused of witchcraft in the Puritans community. They accused three women a slave Tituba, a homeless beggar Sarah Good and an adulterous Sarah Osborn. Several other people were accused of witchcraft in the village of Salem, and Town of Salem. The Salem Witch Trials all started because a minster daughter asked an Indian slave woman, Tituba, to tell their fortunes. A few months after around January and February of 1692. The girls stated having outrageous behavior and feeling ill. The people of Salem didn’t know what to think of the situation. They called a local physician William Griggs he couldn’t determine the cause of the behavior. He Proposed that the outburst that …show more content…

The community on the other hand wasn’t so tolerant. If the girls did have witchcraft it was not medical thing but a legal one. The girls were victims of a crime that could be punishable by death. When the girl’s situation didn’t improve they were to ask to reveal who their tormentors were. Three warrants went out for the witches. The first was Sarah Good, and elderly beggar, the second one was Sarah Osborne had adulterous relationship. They both denied witchcraft. The third one was Tituba. She confessed to witchcraft and started to tell accuse others. All three was sent to jail and examine. Sarah Osborne would die of natural causes. The village girls of Salem had just began making accusations. The Minister Parris held a day of fasting and prayer, but they still had fits. The girls became known as “the afflicted.” The girls also accused. Martha Corey, Rebeca Nurse and Elizabeth Proctor and they were jailed. The examinations were move from Salem Village to Salem

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