Salem Witch Research Paper

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The accusation of witches has been around since the earliest of time. Witches are said to be products of the devil and follow upon the path to hell. The Protestants and the Catholics had similar ideas as to where and what witches were according to the three writings of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther stated, “Witches are the Devil’s whores…” going on to state that they do horrible things to please the devil. John Calvin talked about how the witches were taken over by demons. The protestant boy claims he feared hell and the Devil. The pictures of the devil carrying the witch to hell and the witches on their knees kissing the anus of the devil are great representations as to the mindset that the word “witch” creates in the minds of …show more content…

This happened to Bridget Bishop of the Salem witch trials. Bridget’s story is very popular when studying the Salem witch trials. She was accused of being a witch by several younger girls in her town. The young girls accused her of putting them under her spell and she was controlling them. “During Bishop's examination before the magistrates, the afflicted girls behaved as if they were tortured. It seemed that by casting her eye upon them, Bishop could strike them down into fits. The only thing that would stop these fits was the touch of her hand upon the girls.” Now, one could not know if these girls were lying, but Bridget Bishop was not the only woman in the town of Salem to fall under the young girl’s accusation. Bridget was put to death, and her case is what set the stage for all the trails that were held in Salem during this time. There was no actual evidence in this case, nor was there any evidence in most of the other cases tried in this town. The court decided to put these people to death solely on heresay from the young girls. Witch stories have been around since before the earliest of documentation. Women were seen as targets more than men, the money that the town received from the executions, and the false accusations against individuals of the town were the top reasons as to why individuals were tried as witches. People were accused until they gave up, and even then they were still put to death. Witch stories will be around for the rest of time, but as time goes on, witches are seen less of a taboo subject and more of an interesting

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