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9 and 11 year old girls started to scream, cry unstoppably and have said to see a ghostly figure of their fellow townspeople. The diagnosis was easy, it was witchcraft. This sent the colony of Salem into a frantic state of matter. They had started to see that other children in the town had the same symptoms. They had began to accuse people left and right. This was the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This train of events would forever change the town of Salem; everyone would soon associate the colony as a “witch town”. The trials had changed the town, now the people of Salem would be wondering who would be accused next. The problem was no one knew, a startling statistic would haunt the town forever; 40 people were dead and …show more content…

In 1692, she was a beggar and a nuisance to the town, therefore a perfect target for witch accusations. Everyone in Salem wanted her out of the town so witchcraft was a perfect opportunity for them to do so. Her husband and children were to scared to speak up for her at her hearing so therefore she would hanged. But since she was expecting a baby she was allowed to wait until the baby was born. The infant died while she was imprisoned and she was hanged. Since she was hanged no one actually knows if she was an actual witch or not, but since the trials were decided to be false by the colonial governors then she was most likely innocently hanged. Shortly after, Sarah Good’s daughter was accused of being a witch and was not prosecuted because she was only 6 and had not developed any opinion than her elders’ …show more content…

If this statistic is what caused the illusions then the Salem Witch Trials were completely false and were based on hallucinations and incorrect information. The “witches” are now 100% fake and are only for halloween purposes, there is no need to worry about your neighbors haunting you in your sleep!
“ When these Witches were Tried, several of them confessed a contract with the Devil, by signing his Book, and did express much sorrow for the same, delayering also their Confederate Witches, and said the Tempters of them desired them to sign the Devil's Book, who tormented them till they did it"(“ A Further Account”). The quote above is from a primary source letter that has shown what they were actually doing in the trials. The letter has shown that the meeting house was chaotic during the trials and the realities of the trials were clearly horrendous.

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