Salem Witch Trial Essay

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Many young people today are unaware that the Salem Witch Trial occurred. Some people like to believe that it was a hoax created by the government. Alex Jones was a famous conspiracy theorist who has played a big part in convincing many people that the Salem Witch Trial was a ruse to scare the population. People now get all of their information off of non-credible sites and social media. People don’t bother to look for the true facts and only hear what they want to. Nonetheless, the Salem Witch Trials was an event that baffled the public and left the world astounded. The Salem Witch Trials happened during the time of 1692 through 1693. The Salem Witch Trial took place in Salem Village, Massachusetts. Although witch trials happened in a few …show more content…

A couple of those being: The swimming test,the prayer test, the touch test, the witch cake test, the witch scratching, marking, and pricking test, and the incantation test. All of the tests were in some way deadly. The swimming test was a test to see whether you sunk or floated. If the person floated they were a witch, however by the time the person sunk and proved their innocence they were dead. The prayer test was a test where the person accused had to recite random verses from the bible without making any mistakes. If the accused person made a mistake they were deemed a witch. The touch test was where the accused person had to touch the person who was having convulsions,if they stopped convulsing they were judged a witch. The witch cake test was used for familiars and people. If the person charged with witchcraft’s urine made the dog sick after eating the cake the person was affiliated with witchcraft. The scratching, pricking, and markers test was a test where if there was a mark on the witches body that was poked by a needle and didn’t bleed they were a witch. The scratching test was where if the victim of the witchcraft found pleasure and/or relief upon scratching the person accused of using witchcraft on the victim the other party was a witch. The incantation test was where the witch told a person that was the victim of witchcraft to let the devil out as they …show more content…

Many people believe that the witches in Salem were burned to death after being accused, however that was not the case. All of the accused witches but one were killed by being hung. The witch who wasn’t killed by getting hung was Giles Corey. Giles Corey was crushed by a boulder. The sheriff in Salem killed him because Giles Corey wouldn’t go on trial. Giles Corey was eighty-one when he died. Out of all of the deaths that occurred Giles Coreys was the

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