Absolutely True Tale Of Disaster In Salem Analysis

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In Rosanlyn Schanzers, The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem, a lot of people were being hung and killed for being ¨witches¨. There were 74 people who said they were witches. They also arrested 50 people at once before. They have even tortured someone with big rocks on their chest until they died just because he wouldn't talk. The trials were not very fair because they didn't have any proof of them being witches, The defendants did not get to show that they actually weren't witches, and the judges were not fair. They didn't have any evidence whatsoever on how they were witches. In the book all they did was look at a kid and wait for them to start having some kind of spaz and say oh this person is a witch, they were also very pious. “So Betty and Abigail declared that Tituba was a witch.” “ Elizabeth Hubbard claimed she had been chased by a wolf that turned into Sarah Good and attacked by bedridden old lady, Sarah Osborn.” This is another time they …show more content…

“ If there was enough evidence against these three women, they would eventually face a formal trial.” In this quote it says if the judges thought there was enough then they would be faced n a formal quart, they did not get to prove that they were innocent from the beginning. “But even though Cory was a well-liked member of the puritans religion elite, several people disapprove of her because she had once borne an illegitimate mulatto son.” In this quote people did not like her because of her son not because she was a witch so most people were accused for stupid reasons. “Ann, swore she had seen the apparition of a minister. Ann claimed she had been grievously afraid, crying “Oh Dreadful! Dreadful! Here is a minister! Are ministers witches to? What is your name?He told me that his name was George Burroughs.” For one thing who sees a person and thinks their a minister? Who tells you their name? This is a rapt

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