Tituba Is To Blame For The Salem Witch Trials

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Tituba is most blamed for the Salem Witch Trials. Tituba was a slave from Barbados, where she was raised to gain the knowledge to invoke spirits as something she had no option to, now Tituba has to deal with the consequences through Gullibility, crudity, and Ignorance which all led her to be accused and responsible for the witch-hunt. Tituba was a slave that came from Barbados, and now is a slave in Salem, Massachusetts. Many specifics about her life are really unknown. Tituba later worked for Reverend Parris. Tituba practiced what many people from Salem saw as black magic, but she practiced on the request of Abigail Williams. Later on she was requested to give Abigail a magic cup to kill John Proctor's wife. Since Abigail had an affair with him. Later on Elizabeth accused Tituba of the act. “ She makes me drink blood!” ( 410/592) Tituba was now accused of witchcraft. She had never looked at it as witchcraft. She knew that dancing, and singing was intended evil because they were spiritual and were part of her roots from where she came from (Barbados). She saw nothing wrong with it. She continued to do so because she felt as if there was nothing wrong. It reminds her of her roots. When Titiba was being …show more content…

When Parris calls Sarah goods “ Aye, sir and Goody Osburn” ( 50 ) Tituba is trying to take the blame off herself by putting the blame on others. As Hale told her she needs to confess. He demands “ you have confessed yourself to witchcraft, and that speaks a wish to come to heaven’s side, And we will bless you Tituba.” ( 49 ) When you think of Tituba confessing you think of a child. When they are under pressure to confess something they will either confess it real quick because of the build up fear they have of what will eventually happen or they will eventually blame it on someone else, to get themselves out of trouble. This shows how Tituba showed the act of crudity on the stage of her being

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