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The Great Depression was the longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the United States. It began soon after the crash of the stock market in October of 1929. The Great Depression affected people all around the country in various fashions. An interview with Katherine Burton, a 20 year-old college student at the birth of the Depression, revealed that this time period made her question her future; if she would ever have a job, and greatly affected her family. Burton provided background to how her life was at the start of the Great Depression. She described her family as “far from rich” and noted that she was enrolled in UCLA for two years at the time the depression hit. She was unsure about what she wanted to focus on as a primary study. Her sister funded her through college as she was a bank employee who wanted her family to have a college graduate. The Great Depression struck her at an early age and made her carve a new path in her life. The start of the depression, foremost, made Burton believe that her dream of exploring the world as an archaeologist or paleontologist was impractical. It also lead her to wonder how the world would continue now that the social order …show more content…

Her mother, described as the better businessman, and father owned a small business, which they worked at, that sold new furniture. During the depression, they were forced to switch to selling used furniture. It brought very little income. When her parents bought their house in a blue-collar, interracial area, the loss of revenue caused by the depression compelled them to to take out a second mortgage that lead to a total of $2,200. Unfortunately, her parents lost their house as they were unable to pay their debt. As time continued with no improvement in the community, Burton traveled to New York and Los Angeles to become an avid member of social activity. Burton’s father died a year later, “defeated” by the

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