The Importance Of Power In The Glass Castle

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Power is a dynamic ever changing concept between 2 people or groups of people, as one’s power never stays fixed, always increasing or decreasing. But in what ways can this ever changing concept change? In The Glass Castle, a family with unique lifestyles may appear to be unrelatable, however the circumstances which change the power dynamics in the family are very common issues many may relate to. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, teaches us the ways power can be gained or lost. This is reintroduced through the character’s dependence on others, the importance of education used as a theme, and personal conflicts. Dependency results in a power loss, as demonstrated by the character’s dependence on others for basic needs, which resulted …show more content…

Rose Mary had a teaching degree which allowed her to obtain a job, this kept her family more financially stable, without lacking basic necessities. "But Mom," I said. "that ring could get us a lot of food…" (186) “We haven't had anything to eat but popcorn for three days," I said.” (187) “But at least we had money…Now Mom got paid about seven hundred dollars a month” (196) “Mom also bought some electric heaters…After that, we'd go to the grocery store at the bottom of the hill and stock up on staples such as beans and rice, powdered milk, and canned goods.” (197) Mom getting a job, gave her a steady source of income, allowing her to buy food and necessities, which they struggled to get before, showing the change in power, or more specifically, the increase in power. Receiving education can offer financial stability, but the path to receive education can also offer opportunities that increase one’s power, as demonstrated by Jeanette Walls. Jeanette Walls grew to receive a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts at Barnard College, however, we could see the interest in writing for Jeanette begin all the way in elementary school. Jeanette worked at The Wave, which was the school’s newspaper, which exposed her to a news environment, and could have played a role in her gaining an Internship at The Phoenix, which she received through a state school. Opportunities she received such as the …show more content…

Rex Walls, was an alcoholic, which was an internal conflict he faced, as he struggled to control his drinking habits. “After all he'd put himself through, I couldn't believe Dad had gone back to the booze.” (123) “I’ve got a house full of kids and a husband who soaks up booze like a sponge,” Mom said. Making ends is harder than you think” (197) The former quote shows Jeanette thinking of how her father broke his promise to her, and how after struggling to stay sober, her father started drinking again. The latter quote shows how Rex Wall's drinking habits cost the family money, and makes them struggle for basic necessities. Both quotes however, show how Rex Walls struggles to control his drinking habits despite the impact it has on his family, and the inability to control his actions, shows the power loss he faces. Personal conflicts can be between one and a non-human idea or issue such as alcoholism but it can also involve others like when Jeanette struggles internally while dealing with the relationship with her father. Jeanette's relationship with her father changes throughout the novel and starting off with her faith completely in her father, struggling to control her actions without this influence is an internal conflict she faces. “I though a strong woman

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