Events That Changed My Life

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14 years have passed since I took my first steps into kindergarten. Back then, everything was all fun and games. Who would have known that time would fly as fast as the speed of light. In a blink of an eye, here I am now, writing an essay for my college application. Different ideas and thoughts popped up in my head, including the cliche introduction that I presented. Many of them I thought were good, yet there was not much to write about. Honestly, recalling and writing about an event that changed my life is not an easy task. There had been so much that have happened, and in a way or another, my life was changed for either the best or the worst. Desperate as I could ever be, I started looking into my drawers to find anything that might spark a memory. Then there was this blue round neck shirt that I found. Suddenly I remembered the events where I wore that shirt. First was a birthday party of a close friend, second was a sleepover at a relative 's place, so on and so forth. But then I ended up staring in midair for quite awhile. I recalled wearing this shirt during a school interaction. Weird as it may sound, that one significant day, changed my life. Not as a student, an adolescent, but as a man.

As a child, I would be shy when it came to meeting new people. Especially if the people I were to meet are women. Immediately, my face would turn cherry red and I ended up stuttering in the event I had to talk to one. Given that I was born surrounded by women, this being my
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