Personal Narrative: Selective Mutism

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Throughout my childhood I have had trouble with speaking in front of a large group of people. Whether that is in a classroom or ordering dinner at a large restaurant. I have an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism or SM. Back when I was in elementary and middle school this was a lot worse than what it is now. Throughout my elementary years the SM was much more prominent than what it is now. I had trouble with talking in front of the class and even working with some people that I have never met before. But as I progressed throughout elementary I defeated some of my fears with SM. By the time that I was in the 5th grade I was able to work in larger groups and with some people that I didn’t know. To most people this was a huge accomplishment …show more content…

But after about a week or two in this class I had realized that I got put into classes that I knew most of the people, so I felt like this would be easier that I had originally thought. By the time that I reached 7th grade I felt even more confident about talking in front of a group and made many presentations for different class in front of a group. So throughout 7th and 8th grade I felt as I have if had become easier to talk in front of a group because I wouldn’t be as nervous as I had before. When I finished the 8th grade I felt like I had come one step closer to conquering my fear of talking in front of large groups. So know I have finished 8th grade and I found out that I would not be going to my hometown high school but a new school about 50 miles away. So at first I thought that I didn’t want to make that change because I had just thought I had gotten to know my class really well and now I would be going into a school where I knew nobody. So by the end I had made my decision to go to the new school, West Michigan Aviation

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