The Eighty Yard Run Analysis

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The Eighty Yard Run by Irwin Shaw is about two main characters, Christian Darling who it a college running back who plays at Midwestern University and his girlfriend Louise Tucker, who also goes to the same college. This short story starts with a description of a run that was made during a practice but he is recreating it in his mind to make it seem like it was in a game. He is recreating the entire play 15 years later while sitting on the same practice field that it had originally happened. In this story Christian wants to go back to time where everything was a simple as just playing football, being with his girlfriend, and going to school. Irwin Shaw seems to portray that you should not but all your eggs into one basket like Christian does with football. In the beginning of the story, Christian is beginning his dream by playing football at the collegiate level, by playing for Midwestern University. His …show more content…

When the Great Depression hit and the economy crashed in 1929, Louise’s father lost everything, including the ink manufacturing company. This meant that Christian was unemployed and out of work, and he had no idea what to do. His father-in-law went through the Depression until 1933, when he blew his brains out because it was all just too much for him. Without having a job, Christian had plenty of time to be with Louise but did not really use it. He and Louise had different interest because Christian never did anything but football and work so he never gained any interests or hobbies.
Christian told Louise, "I don 't want to go to any art galleries. I want to sit here and drink Scotch whisky" (4). While Louise was out learning about life and gaining interests from the art and the plays, Christian was just working. When the economy broke down it was like his entire life ended because he did not know anything else so he ended up becoming an alcoholic. But as in the beginning of the relationship Louise showed compassion and love to him throughout the rough

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