Children Of The Great Depression Essay

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The great depression made a major impact on the lives of the people that lived through it. One group of people that is often overlooked are children that lived during that time period. When the parents lost their jobs the responsibility the parent once held was put on the children of the families to contribute to the income of the home. Because of this in the great depression “two-fifths of children were employed in part time jobs” (Elder 65). In Glen Elder’s book Children of the Great Depression: Social Change in Life Experience he discusses how the depression affected those children in their later lives. Vonnie McLoyd discusses in the book Child Development that black families are more likely to face poverty in America and the effects that poverty has on those children. McLoyd states that children that have faced poverty in their lives can have “impaired socioemotional functioning” (McLoyd 311). As a result from job loss creating parental stress, parents often become …show more content…

We now know that there are long-term effects on children whose families face economic depression. If the know this information and study these effects we can help combat the effects of poverty on children. Whether that be in a school or church setting there are things that adults can do to help fight the effects. The book Children of the Great Depression: Social Change in Life Experience was found through the article used it the Rhetorical Analysis paper which was a review of the book. For the second source the library has a plethora of database, after finding the one’s for child development, the terms children, great depression, and racism were typed into the search box which resulted the finding of the source by Vonnie Mcloyds called “Impact of Economic Hardships on Black Families and Children: Psychological Distress, Parenting, and Socioemotional Development” which was included in the book Child

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