Persuasive Essay On Death With Dignity Act

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Imagine you have difficulty waking up, trying to fight the constant sensation of drowsiness with the little life you have left. When you wake, you struggle through the haze of confusion to finally realize that you are in the same monochromatic, secluded room you’ve been in for the past two months or possibly two years. No family in sight. No pets. No fireplace awaiting you. Instead, you lay in bed with cold hands and feet, overwhelmed by the dozens of cords stemming from your body to machines, and the fatigue and pain that you have fallen prisoner to. You are left waiting in agony for however long it may take your body to finally shut off. Now, if you could escape all this torture, and choose how and when your life could end, would you choose to take advantage of it? The Death with Dignity Act bill should be passed in Massachusetts to give individuals this option. The bill proposes …show more content…

I only began to understand the concept of an individual being terminally ill when my grandmother went into the hospital. I placed my hand inside of hers and stared at her emotionless face. I could only imagine the pain running through her body and the agony of not being able to vocalize a response to my ‘I love you’. Day after day she waited only anticipating her death and the pain she would feel if indeed she woke up the next day. I would have done anything to not have to see her go through the pain, and to allow her to get to her fate quicker and more comfortably. And for that reason, I will confidently vote yes on the Death with Dignity bill in 2018 so that I, or you perhaps, do not have to watch another family member slowly waste away helplessly. In the meantime, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, and do whatever you can to put an end to unneeded and prolonged suffering and to inform others about the Death with Dignity bill. Because after all, we do all deserve to die with

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