Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Everyone has the right to choose to live or die. Death is part of life that can 't be avoided. This is a natural phenomenon in the process of life is birth, aging, illness and death. Euthanasia, in some words "Mercy Killing or Physician assisted Suicide." Euthanasia is to help patients who despair and cannot be cured to die peacefully and to have free from suffering. Tulloch Gail from Edinburgh University Press said that Euthanasia can be categorized in two respects. First, if patients have requests for medical help injection for themselves, it is called Voluntary Euthanasia and did not a request from patients, it called Involuntary Euthanasia. Second, if the doctor injected into the patient died, it is called Active Euthanasia but if the doctor lets the patient died by themselves, it is called Passive Euthanasia (2005). However, Euthanasia is also illegal in some countries. It also has people who disagree with this kind of killing. Some people think it is a crime. I agree that Euthanasia is the right ways for patients. There are many reasons why Euthanasia is valid. Everyone has the human right in their lives. Patients who have a choice whether they can live or die. For example, website News Voice TV by Phannika Wanish reported that Tony Nicklinson, uses the right to choose to do Euthanasia, he suffers from locked in syndrome, he need to rely on others because he cannot move his body. He can move only his eyes and eyelids. When Tony Nicklinson has a condition worsened, he

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