Pro Euthanasia Speech

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Imagine being unable to walk, unable to speak, unable to move and unable to breathe. Imagine being in a state of complete paralysis where the only thing that keeps on functioning is your brain, and you live chained to a machine doctors call life support. Imagine being told that you have an incurable disease that will inevitably kill you. Maybe next month. Maybe next year. Maybe in 5 years. But the disease will undoubtedly result in painful death. Imagine thinking and feeling as if you having no further purpose in life, you’re shackled to your bed with the constant aid from nurses and doctors. They’ve done everything they can to keep you alive, yet all you wish to do is die. Now imagine that you give up, you don’t want to go through with …show more content…

There are many forms of euthanasia. Whether it’s active or passive, voluntary or non-voluntary, most of these forms are illegal in almost every country in the world. Passive euthanasia is refusing treatment and allowing illness or injuries kill you, however active euthanasia is what I’m going to talk about today. It generally consists of injecting a lethal chemical composite dose into the bloodstream that is meant to end your life in the most painless way possible. We live in a world that has opposing viewpoints on this subject; there are those who view it as homicide, and others who view it as the most sincere form of human compassion. So I implore you, not to look at euthanasia as a choice between life and death, but a choice between peace and misery. Dying is not a …show more content…

From an economic standpoint, euthanasia is a brilliant alternative. Though many see it as unethical, it may be relieving for the victims to know that once they’ve passed they’re no longer considered burdens to their families. Though harsh, keeping a terminally ill person alive for a year costs no less than $55,000, dying in a dignified way is their last resort when they know their condition is not going to improve. Many patients with incurable diseases have stated that the lengthy and expensive time and operations granted by their families are not worth the few extra months they get of spending time on Earth. Ladies and gentlemen, it is both my duty as well as it iss yours to fight for the freedoms, liberties, and rights we are essentially entitled to. We have to strive to stop living in the palm of politicians who unfittingly represent our people. We must fight to make euthanasia legal and widely permitted when doctors and patients see fit. We have to strive to make it a recourse for people who conform to the criteria, criteria so stringent that renders it almost impossible for incompetents to abuse the power. Criteria that must be met only in the most desperate of conditions. We have to strive to allow people to have a choice between peace and

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