Personal Narrative: Miranda V. Arizona

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True strength is holding it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart. I remember the night of January 29th of this year like it was yesterday. It was around seven o’clock and I was in my room anxiously going through my notes and different cases in preparation for my grade eleven law exam the next morning. I was halfway through reading about the Miranda v. Arizona case when my father opened my door and reminded me to get ready for my MRI scan at Sick Kids Hospital. I then quickly got up and remember pulling up my pants as I was still flipping through the pages of my law text book. I thought to myself that I might be at the hospital waiting for a while so I packed all my notes and books and we drove to the hospital.

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My “patience room studying” continued for another ten minutes before a nurse came out of the room calling my name. My father put down the newspaper he was reading and pointed to me and she managed to spot us from the large crowd that was present, we got up and followed her and she directed us to a room with a plaque posted front and centre on the door, reading “Dr. Hoffman, Neurology” . My father and I sat in the empty room and waited I told him I was nervous that something might be wrong and he replied “khoda nakoneh”, Farsi for god forbid. Five minutes passed and then a woman quickly walked in and closed the door behind her. It was Dr.Hoffman. She look a bit despondent …show more content…

She sat down, took a breath and look at both me and my dad. The words she uttered next are words which I will never forget; “We looked at the scans of your brain and after careful examination we have discovered a medium sized aneurysm on the left side of your brain.” I was petrified even though at the time I did not know what an aneurysm even meant but either way it sounded very serious to me. She went to explain that an aneurysm occurs when the walls of your brain arteries weaken and as a result blood pours into it forming a bubble shaped bulge which can burst and cause death or permanent brain damage. She also said that this is a very rare case as aneurysm are mainly common between women who are sixty years and older. I was the exact opposite, a sixteen year old male! She continued to say that the aneurysm has been found at an early stage but that I still needed a brain surgery as soon as possible. When she said that I completely broke down crying, here I was studying for a law exam and the next thing I know is a doctor telling me they have to operate on my brain. My dad then told Dr.Hoffman about my law exam and said how can he notify my school of my situation in order to reschedule my exam

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