Miranda V. Arizona Case Study

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The United States does adhere and promote democratic values
The United States adheres and promotes the democratic values upon which it was founded.The United States improved from when it was founded. Throughout history people have shown that the United states has expanded their democratic options profusely with promotions of democracy and adhering of this system of Government. Now, in the United States people are more free than ever. People have a lot of freedom to do what they want, everybody is treated equally, most people get justice for crimes. From my experiences from learning about the United States’ history, they have demonstrated many times throughout the many topics they care about there about their people and have shown that through …show more content…

citizens and their rights that have been granted to them in the amendments of the constitution. All U.S. citizens are treated equally and all have the same rights that authorities must give them in order for them to be arrested or detained for violating rights that they never were stated. In 1966, Miranda v. Arizona case exercised the rights of the amendments for a man that didn’t know his rights because the police never told him so he won his case and was freed because he was never told his rights. Miranda v. Arizona was closely related to the case Escobedo v. Illinois (1964). Falk stated that the appeal of the Arizona Supreme Court ruling was made possible because the earlier decision. In addition the court stated, “Miranda’s mental capacity also played a role in the Court’s decision to hear the case.”(Falk, 65 Term No. 419 Misc.) Also, they never told Miranda his rights when he was arrested so therefore they ruled in Miranda’s favor in The Miranda v. Arizona case.In closing the ruling on the case showed that the US shows equality to all people of any color because the police violated the laws of the amendment so the supreme court voted to release Miranda. The Miranda v. Arizona case showed that the Judicial branch promotes the system of democracy because Miranda admitted to being guilty but the authorities didn’t follow the rights given to U.S. citizens so they released him. Cases like these that were the court systems respected the rights of the people and ignored the color of the person on trial’s skin color. These racial court cases paved the way for maintaining a stable government of democracy that influenced the spread of democracy through the whole United States.Another way, democracy was promoted was Women’s rights have evolved to great extent in the last century due to the help of the U.S. government and women’s rights supporters. Everyone has the same

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