Comparing CNA Classes And Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." —Mahatma Ghandi. Every day we, as humans, make choices, sacrifices, and hard decisions in which our feelings, day, and future will be effected by. Having seventeen years of age, I have been through a handful of experiences that have really effected and created who I am as a person today. The goal of my life is to enjoy as many seconds of it, as I am gratefully given. Going out for sports, making new friends, working hard on homework, and just doing everyday tasks for the person I am today, is working towards my future. Taking CNA classes and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant has been just one significant choice amongst others that I view as a supporter for my …show more content…

This job comes with many expectations, abilities, and hardships that you are already expected to be able to accomplish and engage throughout work every single day. It also comes with events and situations that are never the same each time and this gives a person the need to be able to adapt and establish a sense of continuous adjustment. This job entails giving a person in need all of their necessities and helping them with daily life such as eating, getting dressed, physically moving, and engaging in thoughts and advice. This is something that has to come naturally to a person in order for the job to be done well and I have grown to discover that I have a knack for this type of environment and enjoy picturing myself in this field of work in the future as well. This has shown me how I can handle these situations and the gratification after the job is done well which is a feeling that is irreplaceable. Life will throw you into many situations, but I believe I will throw myself into many more of these situations inevitably in the future because this field of work really draws my attention and I have learned that I enjoy it greatly. Becoming a CNA showed myself how I can handle these tough situations as well as my intense love for helping others in need which increases my happiness as

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