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1.Describe, in your own words, how occupational therapy helps people. Occupational therapy allows a patient to work towards the goal of being able to perform basic everyday functional tasks. Therapy will differ for each patient, providing purposeful tasks that will allow the most growth for the specific individual needs. Being able to be an independent individual that can perform functional tasks is something that most people strive for, and if something happened that altered this way of life, it can be very stressful and even feel dehumanizing to the patient. Striving for independence and working with the therapists is something that will positively affect the patient's quality of life. 2. Work Experiences - including dates 6/15 - current I have been working for Maxim Healthcare Services for two years. I am a home healthcare aide working with the disabled community. My plan of care includes but is not limited to assistance with dressing, shopping, performing basic hygiene techniques (bathing, brushing teeth, assisting with restroom activities, etc). This work experience has been extremely helpful and rewarding to me and the patients that I have been in contact with. This job field has also been important while deciding to become and occupational therapy assistant. I have learned …show more content…

I have to be able to have a great amount of time management and stability. Going to college requires a lot of hard work and effort. I am constantly dividing my time between my studies and my job. Healthcare is a field that has a tremendous amount of responsibility placed upon the caregiver. Specifically, when caring for someone who has a disability, you have to be educated on the specific disability and the correct way to interact with the patient. The responsibilities that come with caring for a disabled patient are huge. Their quality of life depends on

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