Essay On Becoming A Medical Assistant

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Ever wondered what a medical assistant does everyday? Ever thought of going to school and becoming one? Learn about what a medical assistant does, how to become one and why they are so important. Also how to continue to more education and become something even higher! Things like a RN and LPN is higher and can continue from even there. I will also talk about why being a medical assistant is so important and why they are important to other people. So as reading will learn all the things will need to know to become a medical assistant. Medical assistants start out their day getting all the exam rooms ready if they work at a doctors office. If they work at a hospital they start with cleaning the rooms that have not been cleaned yet. Also they get all paperwork ready for that day, and get medical records ready. Throughout the day, depending on where they work, they can draw blood, give shots and take your vitals. Medical assistants also set up all appointments and answers calls to any questions there may be. When in the emergency room or hospital will most likely see the MA doing vitals , taking too the exam room or asking questions. In a …show more content…

They can assist in surgeries, check up, and mostly anything that a doctor may need help with. They are also important because they become a big part to patients in hospitals and doctor´s office. They become a comfort to people when they come in, they help you through whatever might be going ton. Medical assistants stay by patients side no matter the outcome and no matter what it takes. They help a lot in surgeries and taking care of inpatients in the hospital that have to stay. They can always go higher and help people even more. They are good with medical coding, communication, taking vitals and the use of medical apparatus. There are many reasons why medical assistants are so important, but the most important is they

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