Being A Paramedic Essay

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There are many different things that go into being a paramedic, and learning all about them helps to decide if it is the correct career for you. Paramedics have numerous jobs that they can do in a single day, which makes them very important. There are several education levels and skills required to become an ambulance attendant, leaving much room for improvement. There are many risks and working conditions in this profession, most changing based on where you work. Helping people has always been an important part of my life, making this a great job for me. I hope to teach and learn what exactly a paramedic is and what it takes to be one. Knowing this information would help myself and others to know if this is the correct position to go into. Being a paramedic is significant because you provide care to people in need before they arrive at the hospital. What exactly does a paramedic do? The answer is they respond to emergencies and transport patients to the hospital where they can get the treatment they require. Ambulance attendants are an extension of a physician to provide patient care before arriving at the hospital. “A paramedic is a highly trained and skilled medical professional who is educated to carry …show more content…

You can work are fire stations and hospitals. The job outlook for being a paramedic is adequate due to the need of paramedics. Job opportunities in this profession are working in different areas or at different departments. There is and always will be a need for all medical professionals. “About 20,000 openings for EMTs and paramedics are projected each year, on average, over the decade” (EMTs). There are many places you can work because of the expanding career field. There will always be people who will need medical attention which means that there is always a need for paramedics. There is always somewhere that needs an ambulance attendant whether it is at a fire department, hospital, or somewhere

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