Becoming A Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)

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When I picture myself, I have faced many challenges in my life and realized how much i’ve grown and changed from them, just in the last year. The most important challenge that I am proud of myself for accomplishing is becoming a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA). Obtaining this certificate was a huge step in my life from childhood to adulthood. I became an LNA because my mother encouraged me to since she knew I always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a child and I love helping other people out. At seven in the morning on July 20, 2015 I arrived at LNA Health Careers School in Concord to a start of a big step in my life, not knowing what to really expect. I knew that going into this school that I would be with a wide variety of different ages. My fear was that I wouldn’t fit in and that I would be with a lot of older individuals. I continued to walk in, this is something I really wanted and knew that even if I didn’t fit in, it didn’t matter because this …show more content…

My family has always taught me to help people out when they need it and reach out because you never know what situation they have been through. When I see someone who is in pain, needs a friend to talk to, or needs help; therefore, I will be there. I love helping and seeing how thankful different individuals are. Helping the residents helped me become more of an adult because I learned how to treat them and how they like to be treated like, as an adult. They want to do everything they possibly can, it’s great to encourage them to do so. As I said in the beginning, I am beyond proud of myself for becoming an LNA. Throughout my experience of becoming an LNA I have learned that you can’t be afraid of what you want to do and that you may have to prove people wrong in life, even if it is your family. I am thankful for this experience and how much it has helped me grow for adulthood. I never changed as a person, I have just improved my talents and am chasing my

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