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My life is a puzzle in which I test and solve its unpredictable pieces. I purposefully piece it together by acknowledging and reconciling the most significant fragments of my life. As a first-generation college student, finding my place while navigating the education system has been one of my biggest challenges. Coming from a low-income, Latino(a) single-parent family, I have always been determined to be more than a product of my circumstances; instead, the product of my decisions. Accordingly, I am proud to say I will complete a health science degree that has provided me with invaluable skills and expertise. Thus, enabling me to pursue a nursing career and address the social determinants of health and multidimensional disparities affecting …show more content…

Like the MEPN program, I’m committed to engaging, educating, and treating underserved communities alongside like-hearted healthcare professionals. My deep compassion, extensive work experiences, and honed leadership skills have uniquely equipped me to bring my own contributions to the richness of the MEPN program. It doesn’t stem solely from my upbringing but from my proactive determination to develop and transcend within my work and education.
Additionally, I firmly believe that the art and science of quality and inclusive healthcare begin with understanding the challenges and needs of underserved populations. The MEPN program prioritizes this, which aligns with my future goals in my own nursing practice. One of my key goals is to advance and deepen my skills in research to better confront issues affecting local, national, and global populations.
Throughout my college career, I have immersed myself in diverse experiences to broaden my understanding of different perspectives and backgrounds. Serving as a Resident Assistant (RA) for the past three years has been a pivotal example. As an RA, I had the opportunity to interact with individuals from all backgrounds while managing many responsibilities. This experience has sharpened my leadership, teamwork, cultural competence, and emergency response …show more content…

These efforts included developing strategies to maintain connections with residents while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Despite our efforts, it became evident that the root cause of these issues was not external but rather structural faults within the organization. This realization has made me acutely aware of how institutional problems can impact any organization, including healthcare. My distinct history in Housing gives me the confidence to contribute enriching perspectives to the MEPN program. I am adequately prepared to offer awareness, clarity, and expertise in collaboratively overcoming ongoing organizational barriers and challenges. I am excited about the opportunity to share my insights and work with peers and faculty members to create positive change in the healthcare field.
Comparatively, during my internship with the assessment team at California University of Science and Medicine, I was given the incredible opportunity to understand administration, team management, and technical skills comprehensively. Working with the medical school's software systems, I organized and delivered student assessment activities and information. In order to communicate effectively with delivery teams, I learned to collate large datasets and present them

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