Examples Of Portfolio In Nursing Profession

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This portfolio represents the professional and academical achievements of my educational career in the course over the years. It is the compilation of the hard work I have completed and my accomplishments that illustrate my strengths, problem-solving ability, work ethic, responsibility and moral and professional values. All of the education obtained during these years and the effort put in has given me the required knowledge, experience, values, professional behaviors, and ethical standards to make me a stronger and well prepared professional nurse. It has been a long journey since I started my nursing education becoming a CNA, nurse assistant, then a practical nurse LPN. Continuing with my education I became a registered nurse (RN) and now I am finishing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. All this education has provided me with the abilities, knowledge, strengths, work ethics to be a proud and efficient professional working in the competitive nursing field. The BSN program has provided me with new knowledge and new skills, that have helped me to evolve into a more competent and professional nurse with stronger nursing knowledge, ethics, and moral values. Each course that I took during the BSN program was a new opportunity to strengthen my knowledge, ability to do research, and critical thinking skills expanding my knowledge and making me feel confident of my abilities to work as an important part of an interdisciplinary team. Every document attached to this

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