Personal Narrative: D Is For Driving

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D is for Driving Lesson

My oldest brother, Colten got a four-wheeler. So he invited my family over to come see it and possibly drive it around his backyard. When we got to his house, his dog came running out jumping and running around like he always does. Then Colten said “you wanna go see the four-wheeler?”
My family replied with a “yeah, sure.”
So we went around to the garage to go look at the four-wheeler. He got it out started it and was driving around like a maniac in his yard. We all stood back and watched him do his thing, while we tried to keep his dog from following him around the yard. When he was done he said “alright who 's next?”
My parents gave the you’re-the-oldest-so-you-go-first shove and said “Tarren will go first.” Then

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