Personal Narrative: Can I Get A Dog

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“Mom?” Yes?” “Can I get a dog?” “You will have to do a lot of stuff to earn it.” “Okay, but what will I have to do?” “Just do more things, help me in the morning.” “Okay I will do.” “Ok” So, I wanted a dog. I wanted a golden retriever. Me and my family would go on a walk and of course we would see a golden retriever. So I would ask the owners “Can I pet your dog?” Most of the time they would say “Yes.” I would pet it. Now this is just not fair. The time I want a golden retriever I always see them. I always wonder “Why?” I don 't think that it’s fair that I alway see them. What is the rare chances that I usually don’t see any other dog. Just the type of dog that I wan’t. So we get home and I ask “Can I get a dog, please please I really want …show more content…

She notices that her tongue has black on it. She asks the worker “What’s wrong with her tongue?” The worker says “Nothing it just means that she is chow. She is a golden retriever mixed with chow.” “Okay I was like hmmm.” So as we signed the papers the worker says “Do you want us to groom her just a little since she is napped really badly.” My mom said “Yes if you could please.” So we signed the papers and waited for them to clip her a little. So as they were clipping her one of the workers told us the story about our new dog.” So her and her sister were found as strays. Someone found them and dropped them off here. We don’t exactly know how they became strays. But her sister got adopted before her. Like a few days. Also 3 people came before you and looked at your new dog. They didn 't get her but they were thinking about it. Our new dog came out then the guy said “What do you think should be her name?” My brother said “Anabell.” I said “Yeah I like that name.” Then that was her new name. As were taking her home she throws up. She was scared. So we got home and got her in the house and I gave her love and then I told my

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