Overpopulation Of Dogs

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For many years people have fought for equality whether it is objectifying women or respecting skin color, however, what about the living companions that do not have a voice to fight for themselves? Owning and raising a dog in today’s world is not easy, yet Americans are purchasing dogs selfishly making them seem like objects which can easily be replaced. Much like other freedoms in life, Citizens are blind to the fact that owning a dog is simply a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Dogs have fought and died to earn a spot entitling them as man’s best friend over the years, yet false information can easily blacklist them and make them unadoptable. America should change animal ownership privileges because the increasing numbers of dogs in shelters, relaxed specifications on dog breeding, and the unfair accusations towards specific breeds.…show more content…
3) Ingrid E. Newkirk the president and founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of animals presented an alarming issue that cannot be ignored by society. Overpopulation of dogs is a result of a massive increase in numbers of dogs entering shelters. To minimize this growing issue society should uncover the dominant issue at hand. The root of this issue is obvious, how these dogs end up in shelters is the issue. The goal is how society can decrease the amounts of dogs admitted to these
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