Teen Activism In The UK

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Introduction Imagine a dog, sitting on the sidewalk with no owner, no leash, no collar. That could be an abandoned dog. Pet abandonment is a serious issue. And now, the amount of animals that are abandoned or abused, are higher than ever. “Around 4 million dogs are abandoned every year in the USA alone” Says animal-rights-action.com, “In the UK the number of dogs abandoned is estimated to be as high as 130,000 a year, which has hit an eleven year high. Approximately one adoptable, healthy dog or puppy every hour, (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) is put to death in the UK due to not finding a home”… “Pet abandonment statistics world wide are thought to be around six hundred million every year and many countries have extremely cruel animal overpopulation controls.” In this essay, i will explain what could happen and what we could do to help. Chapter 1 Teen Activism Teen activism. You may be asking “What is that?” Well, teen activism is when a child or teen decided to fight for a cause and raise money or protest to help the cause. There are many causes you could help, such as bullying and child labor. Teen activism can be really challenging sometimes. Some people may protest against the cause that you are fighting for. For example, if you are fighting against bullies because they can hurt your feelings, someone else may disagree and say that bullies are putting people in their place. There are other ways that activism can be

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