The Importance Of Dog Activism

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Introduction Imagine seeing dogs on the road and picking them up. You bring them home and sell them. You are now a hero to that dog. You are now a lifesaver and you have just helped a dog that is in need. That dog was abused and hated by its owner. They wanted it to be alone. But you just saved that dog 's life. Dog abusement and abandonment is very sad. It takes away so many lives. Not just dogs but other animals such as livestock, horses, and cats. This book will show you a teen activist that has done all this to save the lives of dogs. She gives them a second chance and most of all hope.

Have you ever thought of trying to help a cause? Maybe trying to stop pollution and abusement. That 's where activism comes in. Activism is very important. It helps out cause like this. It is just like a math problem it may be hard but in the end you can solve it and make a difference. Activism …show more content…

“Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters,” comments, DoSomething.Org. Dogs can also be abused in many different ways. They could be hit or could be used in dog races. Dog races is a terrible sport that requires dogs to run full speed around a track. Some owners take these races to seriously and too far. If a dog is to do poorly an owner may abuse the dog or even kill it. Dog racing needs to be stopped because it is hurting dogs. Since dog racing is at such high speeds, one wrong step and they fall. They could easily break their necks, legs, and die. Greyhound Racing Facts, declares, “Over 10,000 Greyhound die each year.” Faye Carey may no be trying to stop dog racing but she is trying to stop dog abandonment. 3.9 million is way more than 10,000 so the more the better. Hopefully dog racing will be banned all around the world and dog abandonment to be

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