Politics, And Actions: The Pros And Cons Of Activism

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When playing the role of an activist on in any form, activism is constantly prominent in their lives. Activism is defined to be the policy or action of using dynamic and often confrontational campaigning by means of organizing demonstrations and protests to achieve the goal in bringing about political and/or social change. Then there is slacktivism which refers to the actions that are performed via the Internet to support and stand up to a political or social cause but which can be regarded as requiring little time, effort and involvement, e.g. signing an online petition or joining a campaign group on a social media website.
When considering activism, certain pros and cons come to mind. Pros of activism include being able to physically connect with people who have similar goals and values; causing someone to follow a certain lifestyle that will makes a light but powerful impression on the earth and activism is a physical way of inspiring people to accomplish the phase, “actions speak louder than words” and get things done, putting in passionate effort into renewing a cause. Cons of Activism include the risk of being physically assaulted or victimized by the public or the government. Activism can be restricted in terms of only reaching to the locals of a particular area rather than reaching the masses abroad and activists in general can receive a lack of support and validation.
When slacktivism comes into motion, the pros and cons are almost the reverse of activism. Pros of

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