Being A Service Dog Essay

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Since the dawn of man, our ancestors have either been afraid of the dog’s ancestor the wolf, or used them to aid them activities such as hunting. Now we have evolved alongside dogs and we have helped breed them to our liking and to having them be useful to us. Nowadays dogs our usually just used as household pets, guard dogs, and service dogs. Service dogs have become the elite dogs due to their enhanced training and bred genetics they are definitely good at what they do. As a service dog they can help with physical disabilities and mental disabilities. This paper is going to focus on the service dog that helps veterans that have post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. How service dogs are different from emotional support dogs, how they aid in the process of recovery and how the government should start funding the training of the dogs. …show more content…

Not many people know the difference between a service and emotional support dog and how one is a working dog and the other is just has a paper saying you need to have a dog anxiety or something. In order to have a service dog you must have a disability mental or physical. A person with a disability has the right to bring their dog anywhere as in places of business, but if a person has impairment disabilities and has an emotional support dog that does not give them the right. The purpose of an emotional support dog is something a person would use when they are stressed or anxious in a new place or when a student is at college. It is a slippery slope with an emotional support dogs. Service dogs are trained to do a specific duties and do that one job very

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