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La-Nee Davis remembers as a young girl always having a dog in the house. Her daddy was a dog lover and would oftentimes bring in strays that he found on the street. They had German Shepherds, Pitt Bull mixes and many other breeds. As an adult, her love for dogs has not waned. This is evident when she views the commercials on TV of how animals are abused and neglected, it hurts her heart. “How can people be so cruel to dogs? They are so loyal and have an undying love for their owners,” she stated. A few years ago, Davis had a fire in her home, her toy poodles, BeBe King and Princess Layah, died from smoke inhalation. This sadden Davis, who struggles with many health issues, one being seizures. Her toy poodles were not only her companions but also state trained emergency seizure dogs. When the news of her dogs passing spread, individuals from as far as Oregon, Utah and locals in West Mifflin reached out to assist in getting her another companion. It was not long after that Davis was blessed with two more toy poodles, Devah and Dallasz Nikohl, (yes they have a middle …show more content…

She is the founder and owner of D.O.G. (Depend On God) Ministry, which is an organization to prevent animal abuse and hunger. D.O.G. Ministry was birthed out of a dream in which she said the Spirit of God spoke to her and said, “May Everything that have breath praise the Lord.” From her own expenses, Davis makes a variety of crafts to sell, such as, wreaths, painted/decorated wine glasses, costumes and much more. This allows her to purchase food to donate to shelters and families who have fallen on difficult times. Additionally, friends of Davis like Mr. Rooney from the Steelers, Brenda Richie (ex-wife of Lionel Richie) and family members have and continued to donate to her cause to ensure no dog goes hungry. For the past 9 years Davis has been blessed to assist in the prevention of cruelty to

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